Mindful Hands by Carlos

I offer therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance their function and promote relaxation and well-being. Therapeutic massage is designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia. There are countless benefits of Therapeutic Massage including relaxation, stress reduction, drainage of the lymphatic system and better blood circulation among other benefits.

There are no rules of how often one should receive a massage, but the consensus is twice per month at minimum. Give yourself this gift!

Individualized To Your Needs

Because the therapist is working so deeply, it is not unusual to feel some soreness after the massage, and in some cases to experience bruising. The therapist won’t know if s/he is working too deep unless you say something. An “ouch” is sufficient. Open communication is crucial. Every day your body is different, so what feels good one day may hurt the next. And, what one person calls deep tissue another will call light. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable during your massage.

I use the highest grade of massage oils and creams to enhance the experience during and after the massage and making it easier to remove from the body.

Aromatherapy can be diffused during massage if you so choose for a nominal fee.

My Approach

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Types of Massages

Mindfulness is the state of being in the moment without changing anything and being present to whatever arises. Thoughts are to be accepted and not judged to be good or bad, just simply allowing them to be. What is critical in Mindfulness during Therapeutic Massage is to allow thoughts to be intact and to gently, but deliberately focus on the hands massaging the body, the pressure the hands have on the area being massaged along with the breaths you are taking and those of the therapist. Breaths are our inner anchor and safe harbor to return to when mental, physical or other distractions occur. This will enhance the experience and escalate the massage to another level.

Each Therapeutic Massage may begin or end with a simple guided or silent Mindful meditation or Body Scan if you so choose. Read here under My Massage about a Mindful Massage approach and what to do. 

Click on the type of massage which provides a link to a source website, but I also provide a basic definition of the different types of massages.  I offer Relaxation/Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Hot Stone massages.  

  • Swedish It stimulates the lymphatic system, muscles and joints to promote relaxation. This is what you would think of “traditional massage”. 


  • Deep Tissue It targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The massage therapist uses slower strokes or friction techniques across the grain of the muscle.


  • Sports It targets people who are involved in physical activity. But you don't have to be an athlete to have one! The focus isn't on relaxation. It’s on preventing and working on an injured area, enhancing athletic performance. A combination of techniques are used. It involves faster strokes and stretching to loosen muscles and increase flexibility.


  • Geriatric It is a form of massage designed to meet the specific needs of the elderly population. It involves using massage hands to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to improve blood circulation, relieve pain and increase range of motion.


  • Chair Massage. This is a form of massage where the client is sitting on a special chair with the back exposed. 

  • Pregnancy (prenatal) It is important that certain principles be followed in this type of massage. Pregnant women lie on their side and never on their backs. Gentle pressure is used to stimulate the sensations of touch for soothing. The stomach area should not be worked on and heated sheets or blankets should not be used or applied.


  • Hot Stone  Heated, smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body to warm and loosen tight muscles and balance energy centers in the body. The massage therapist may also hold stones and apply gentle pressure with them. The warmth is comforting. Hot stone massage is good for people who have muscle tension but prefer lighter massage. 

  • ​Hydrotherapy. This is a broad term, but in massage therapy it means that warm wet towels are used throughout the massage to stimulate the muscles to enhance relaxation and the massage in general. 


  • Special Massage/Chronic Pain. Common sense and some principles should be used to apply massage to people with physical conditions, such as cancer and other chronic illnesses. 

What to Expect

During the massage I bring a genuine experience to enhance your massage making each and every session unique and special. I use an individualized approach enhancing a therapeutic partnership to meet your needs.  Do let me know what areas you want me to concentrate on. I specialize in incorporating Mindfulness and Aromatherapy if you so choose.  Specific aromatic essential oils are blended and added to a carrier oil to be used during the massage by the therapist