I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and I work for myself and I  have private studio. Refer to photos for your view. I graduated from the Houston School of Massage in February 2016. I completed the Master Massage Therapy Program, which included 120 hours of practicum as an intern.

In addition to the practicum, I studied:

  •  200 Hours of Massage Therapy    Techniques
  • ​50 hours of Anatomy
  • 25 hours of Physiology
  • ​50 hours of Kinesiology
  • ​40 hours of Pathology
  • ​20 hours of Health & Hygiene
  • 45 hours of Business Practices and Professional Ethics
  • ​20 hours of Hydrotherapy

I have a passion for what I do and understand how stressful life can be and how to work with the body to release that tension. I am learning about Mindfulness and how to incorporate that into my practice.   

Building trust and confidence in your therapist is of utmost importance. Allow yourself to receive a massage from me and see how your confidence in my approach will assist in healing the body and soul. I specialize in several massage modalities. These include Relaxation/Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone Massages. 

I practice in  my studio and you can see pictures on my studio under the photos section of the website. Simply click on my name above to reach me. 

Massage Therapy

Mindful the state of being present and in massage is a way to focus on the hands turning away from any thought, without judging, but simply allowing the moment to unfold.  Each Therapeutic Massage may begin or end with a simple guided or silent Mindful meditation if you so choose.

Hot Stones Included at no extra charge

Aromatherapy is included in your massage and choose from several essential oils to be diffused while receiving a massage to enhance your experience. 

Mindful Hands by Carlos

Full Body Exfoliation