A Mindful massage depends on you, not the therapist. The therapist can give you the tools and suggestions as a guide to help your massage be a mindful one. You do not have to receive a mindful massage. The massage alone will provide relaxation and peace. 

If you choose a mindful massage, you can decide to begin the session with a 5 minute guided Body Scan while lying on your back. A guided body scan is a simple mechanism to feel the sensations of your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. This may enhance the massage making the most out of the hands doing the work.

All of my massages include the use of different types of hot towels for the back, feet and to take a shower if you choose. 

Ending the Massage

You can choose to end the massage, while the therapists massages your neck and face, with a simple guided 3 minute mindful meditation. This will close the massage mindfully with a sense of renewed energy and presence. Remember to remain mindful after each massage by focusing in the here and now!

Begining of Session

During the Massage

Mindful Hands by Carlos

During the massage, allow yourself to feel the hands touch your body, and the sensations of the hands reaching the deeper areas being worked on. Focus on each inhalation and each exhalation throughout the massage while simultaneously noticing the pressure, the hands and the sensations of breath. Any thoughts that cross your mind should be left alone without judging them to be good or bad, but gently and deliberately bringing your attention back to the muscles and the sensations of touch. This will bring you back to the moment. Repeat this throughout the massage so that you are constantly brought back to the sensation of touch at each particular moment. 

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